200,000 credits for officials, just waiting for Sri Mulyani’s signature

BigBussiness – The government’s plan to give further pulses to civil servants (PNS) of Rp 200,000 is just a matter of waiting for the signature of the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati.

Askolani’s director general for budget at the Ministry of Finance said that the regulations are currently awaiting official approval from Sri Mulyani.

“Mother agrees, but it’s just a matter of determination,” Askolani told Commission XI in the Indonesian parliament, Jakarta, on Wednesday (26/8/2020).

Giving the credit to officials is not new. This is because the government once provided an incentive of Rs 150,000 per official, but to support their performance of working from home, the government increased the benefits by Rs 50,000.

Nevertheless, he said, the policy of giving pulses was also returned to the respective ministries and institutions (K / L) regarding which officials were entitled to credit facilities. The Ministry of Finance only provides standard cost guidelines.

“It depends on K / L, right now a lot of expenses are saved. So it is so that his performance remains optimal. There is no reason, we can not meet other K / L,” he added.

The budget also uses the budgets of each ministry and agency. So that the ministries and agencies with the policy of increased credit distribution can redistribute the budgets.

Credit money

Earlier, Sri Mulyani said that the credit support to officials was one of the government’s efforts to encourage the realization of commodity costs which fell 17 percent (year) due to social restrictions and WFH policies.

“At the moment, there are many K / L and ASN employees who have to carry out WFH activities. So we provide support if it is redistributed in the form of quotas for pulses,” he said.

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