Luhut Pandjaitan: Do not continue to be afraid of Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, JakartaMaritime Affairs and Investment Coordination Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said the Covid-19 pandemic would prompt Indonesia to innovate and reform in various ways.

By doing this, the country could get out of the page block situation so that it could be stronger and more competitive. “We must not continue to be afraid of Covid-19,” Luhut said at a video conference on Sunday, August 30, 2020.

He also said that this world has changed a lot with the pandemic. It is very likely that many things that were not previously done will be implemented. “We must make innovations and reforms here and there, and make this beloved republic even more effective.”

This transformation, Luhut said, requires solidarity for the cooperation of different parties. “We can’t do anything without teamwork,” he said. According to him, teamwork is important to be able to take advantage of Covid-19 as an opportunity, not just a challenge. He said that the possibilities due to the existence of Covid-19 were very many. For example, reforming and digitizing different things in life.

BRI succeeded with Banpres for productive micro-enterprises in Yogyakarta

BigBussiness – President Joko Widodo handed over Banpres on Productive Micro Business (BPUM) in Yogyakarta, Friday (28/8/2020). Previously, BRI was appointed by the government through the Ministry of Cooperation and SMEs to become one of the channeling agencies for Banpres BPUM in Indonesia.

Jokowi, who was present at the Productive Micro Business Banpres ceremony in Yogyakarta, invited BPUM recipients to be used as business capital.

“We are all in a difficult situation because of Covid-19. Difficult conditions like this have an impact on the economy and are experienced by countries in the world. We have to keep our spirits up and work hard because conditions are not easy,” he said.

The President added, this productive path award is given to micro-entrepreneurs for all business areas. They are the ones who sell drinks, peyek production, placemats, laundry, bakpia, batik, street snacks, all kinds of things.

“Ladies and gentlemen, we will receive business capital assistance of NOK 2.4 million, which will be given directly to 12 million business players until around September. But remember that this must be used for business capital,” Jokowi explained.

To date, BRI has distributed to more than 83 percent of Micro Business Actors (PUM) from a total of 1.8 million recipients. Nationally, the productive ban press that has been distributed more than IDR 4.4 trillion since it was announced on August 15, 2020, including the recipients of the productive ban press in the Yogyakarta region.

“During the payout, BRI officers also train BPUM recipients, so that this productive Banpres is used for business development of recipient customers,” said Priyastomo, director of small, retail and medium-sized businesses, who also attended the event.

Suyono, a soup seller in Yogyakarta, one of the BPUM recipients from BRI Bank who was present at Gedung Agung, Yogyakarta Presidential Palace, said that during the pandemic, his business experienced a significant decline. The business capital was eventually used for living expenses, so it was with a heavy heart to close the business.

However, since receiving BPUM a week ago, Suyono felt he had received help and had the courage to reopen his business. In order to receive BPUM funds, not everyone can receive it.

There are conditions that must be met as written in the regulations from the Minister of Cooperation, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises No. 6 in 2020. First, Indonesian citizens (WNI) have a population identification number (NIK). Secondly, to own a micro business, which is stated in a proposal from BPUM candidate candidate from BPUM. Third, non-state civilian apparatus, members of the Indonesian National Army, members of the Indonesian National Police, BUMN or BUMD employees. Fourth, does not currently receive credit or financing from banks.

Trending Business: The closure of IKEA in Sentul to Pertamina loses less

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe most popular financial and business news through Saturday, August 29, 2020, based on the concerns of creditors who are potential residents of Antasari Apartment 45, is the temporary closure of IKEA Alam Sutera and Pertamina’s loss claims less than other oil and gas companies.

In addition, there is also news that Jasa Marga is closing the Jakarta – Cikampek toll road and the withdrawal of the substantive lawsuit over the Covid law. The five topics attracted the most attention among readers of Bisnis’ channel. Here are five trending news in their entirety:

The Association of Victims of Antasari 45 smells of cheating

The creditors who are potential residents of the Antasari 45 apartment are currently feeling anxious and confused. How could they not, the apartment unit they actually received in 2017, has not yet been implemented. Even if they have fulfilled the obligation to deposit a down payment of 30 percent, creditors must accept the fact that the physical building that has been implemented so far is only a parking space (basement).

Just a note, since it was launched in 2014, as far as 591 billion rupiah of buyer money has been paid to the developer.

In the middle of the process of waiting for six years, the apartment unit was not achieved, but the harsh reality in the PKPU report (deferral of debt payment) against PT Prospek Duta Sukses (PDS) as developer or developer with a total claim of Rp 2 billion from the reporter on behalf of Eko Aji Saputra.

Manpower Minister hopes that DPR will soon adopt the law on job creation

BigBussiness – Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah said that the government hopes that the DPR can immediately lead the law on job creation to a law that is able to form a better working ecosystem. This was conveyed by the Minister of Labor when he became the keynote speaker in a webinar with the topic Opportunities and challenges in the job creation proposal held by Injabar and Padjajaran University, Friday (28/8/2020).

The Manpower Minister also emphasized that it was not true that the law on job creation was only intended to create greater job opportunities by facilitating investments.

Because the law on job creation also accepts work continuity, increased protection of workers and sustainable business continuity.

“The interest of this law is to meet the need for greater employment opportunities, but there we must maintain continuity of work and increase the protection of workers and workers, as well as sustainable business continuity. The three must be done in a balanced way,” said Ida Fauziyah.

In his presentation, the Manpower Minister explained that the law on job creation was part of the efforts made by the government to realize Indonesia’s vision of becoming a developed and prosperous country.

The government sees a number of opportunities and challenges that exist at a time, including low economic growth, high unemployment, the need for quality development of human resources, challenges with digital economic development and technological trends that change the business landscape going forward, thus affecting the map of labor demand and change. more dynamic and flexible working patterns.

In addition to the need to increase investment competitiveness through easy-to-do business and structure overlapping regulations that affect the speed of capturing investment opportunities for job creation and MSME development.

The need for a job creation law is increasingly felt when faced with the Covid 19 pandemic, which not only has an impact on health but also economic aspects such as reduced economic growth, hampered production and marketing of production products due to large-scale social restraint policies and lockdowns in several countries, reduced number of companies capable of conducting business and fulfilling employee rights, which in turn has an impact on redundancies, as well as obstruction of economic activities to MSME.

The presence of the law on job creation is expected to be the basis for state institutions and create jobs that experience shock supply after the pandemic, which results in an increase in the number of unemployed.

“The job creation proposal is expected to bring about changes in the economic structure that can move all sectors to increase investment and quality employment,” Fauziyah concluded.

Kemenparekraf: The Drive In Concept music concert will be another trigger

Big Business – The Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy (Kemenparekraf) supports the music show with the drive-in concept or directly from the car that the organizer Berlian Entertainment has. Deputy for tourism products and organizers Rizki Handayani said that this concert could be a trigger for the emergence of similar events.

“This musical performance will be a trigger for other music concerts in a new era of normality, so that music concert activities can be resumed, art workers can be productive again, but remain safe for COVID-19,” Rizki said in a statement on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

The run-in concert will be held at JIExpo West Parking, Kemayoran on 29 and 30 August 2020. The concept of this concert is a follow-up to the preparation of standard operational procedures (SOP) within the organization of activities from the ministry.

Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy Wishnutama Kusubandio said that this concert was a form of creativity for industry players in performance to take opportunities in the midst of a pandemic. Wishnutama stated, however, that the concert must be followed by special health procedures.

“Stakeholders and the community must be disciplined in following all procedures that have been developed so that activities, both music concerts and other performances, can be carried out properly and in accordance with current conditions,” Wishnutama said.

Gojek protects MSME partners from socio-technical fraud

BigBussiness – As a form of Gojek’s concern to ensure that GoFood partners are protected against fraud based on social technology, Gojek provides consistent training to improve the digital security competencies of its MSME partners.

Gojek’s efforts are made with awareness of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business data and personal information in digital transactions.

Head of Merchant Platform Business Gojek Novi Tandjung said that his party has facilitated MSME partners under GoFood to increase its digital security expertise by adding various security features to the GoBiz application, which has become a mainstay for GoFood partners to run the business .

Among the security features that can be accessed through the GoBiz application are confirmation of PIN validation for drivers taking orders, function setting of user roles for owner, manager and cashier access, and a verification function as owner to confirm ownership of data as expiration owner.

With these features, sensitive data information and access to premium features are only available to electrical outlet owners.

“All Gojek innovation work and consistent training on digital security expertise for business partners is expected to support partners in protecting the security of personal data and business data. All this is done so that business partners can run their business safely and continue to grow,” Novi said in a statement. , Friday (28/8/2020).

According to Novi, Gojek realizes the importance of offering this education continuously after more and more MSMEs have explored digital technology to develop their businesses during a pandemic.

Gojek noted that around 120,000 MSMEs are pushing their business network into the digital realm by joining the #MelajuBersamaGojek program so that they can access comprehensive (upstream to downstream) and inclusive business solutions from Gojek.

In addition, the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business data and personal data is a topic that GoFood regularly encourages culinary MSME partners through various channels, GoBiz applications, social media and the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG).

Therefore, good digital security expertise is the key to protecting oneself when faced with false attempts at social technology (or what we often know as psychological manipulation) which is becoming a trend for digital fraud mode.

Reasons why PLN Subsidiary Labor Union is suing the Water Resources Act

Big Business – The Indonesian Power Employees Association (PPIP) and the Java Bali Power Workers Union (SP PJB) filed a lawsuit against law no. 17 of 2019 regarding water resources (SDA). PT Indonesia Power and PT Pembangkit Jawa Bali are two subsidiaries of PT Perusahaan Listrik Negara (Persero) alias PLN.

So what is the reason for judicial review in court?

The main reason is that this law reactivates the BJPSDA clause (Water Resources Management Service Fee). PPIP General Secretary Andy Wijaya said that this fee will be included in the sale price of electricity.

“So that electricity becomes expensive and inaccessible to the public,” he said in his statement to Tempo in Jakarta, Thursday, August 27, 2020.

In fact, this BJPSDA clause has been declared unconstitutional in Act No. 7 of 2004 on the SDA. All provisions of the law were annulled by the Constitutional Court on 15 February 2015.

At that time, a lawsuit was filed by Muhammadiyah Central Leadership, led by Din Syamsuddin, against Act No. 7 of 2004. The Constitutional Court granted the lawsuit in full. So, the government needs to make new rules and law number 17 of 2019 was born.

So Tapera custodian bank, this is BRI’s strategy

BigBussiness – The Public Housing Savings Management Agency (BP Tapera) appointed PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk to become the custodian bank in the Public Housing Savings (Tapera) program.

Custodian bank or abbreviated custodian bank is an institution that is responsible for securing the financial assets of a company or individual.

Tjondro Prabowo, Executive Vice President for Investment Services for Bank BRI, said that the company, as a custodian bank, has two mandates, namely the management of Tapera funds and BP Tapera assets.

Tjondro continued to manage Tapera funds, BRI Bank has 3 obligations, the first is to register the amount of Tapera fund deposits and their fertilization.

In his management, Tjondro explained that BRI Bank has three obligations or tasks that must be performed.

First, Bank BRI is obliged to register the amount of the Tapera Fund’s deposits from the participants and their fertilization. Second, calculation of Net asset value (NAV) for Tapera funds on each trading day.

Finally, BRI Bank is required to submit an annual audited financial report for Tapera funds.

“To support the Tapera program, we are preparing a special unit, in addition to the existing storage team,” Tjondro said in a virtual discussion on InfobankTalknews, Friday (28/8/2020).

In the event that BRI Bank also delivers infrastructure and business processes so that the management of Tapera funds can work well.

“We are also preparing adequate infrastructure and business processes, as well as competent people to handle them. Everything will certainly work well with the cooperation of each party,” said Tjondro.

Accelerate economic recovery, expand cash-intensive programs in 34 provinces

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR) has expanded the scope of Cash Intensive Program (PKT /cash for work) worth IDR 1.2 trillion in 34 provinces. This expansion is designed to accelerate national economic recovery.

PUPR Minister Basuki Hadimuljono said the cash-intensive program of his ministry was carried out by building infrastructure involving communities. These infrastructure projects are especially small or simple works that do not require technology.

“In addition to accelerating economic recovery and increasing people’s purchasing power, the PKT also aims to distribute funds to villages / remote areas,” Minister Basuki said in a written statement in Jakarta on Saturday, August 29, 2020.

Basuki emphasized that the pattern for implementing cash-intensive programs must still take into account health protocols. People involved in the program must wear masks and keep their distance “physical and social distancing“to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Garuda Indonesia Flight attendants harassed individual passengers on the plane

BigBussiness – The President of Garuda Indonesia, Irfaniaputra, opened his voice regarding the harassment of one of his cabin crews during the flight.

He revealed that harassment of the flight attendants took place on the route Biak – Jayapura, Friday (28/8/2020).

Irfan said the Garuda Indonesia flight attendant was harassed by one of the passengers.

“We are very sorry and place great emphasis on this incident,” Irfan said in his written statement.

Irfan said Garuda Indonesia is committed to always giving full support to its employees who experience unpleasant actions while on duty.

This is in line with the company’s obligation to ensure that employees’ rights to safety and comfort while working can be properly fulfilled.

The harassment incident occurred on route GA 650 Biak – Jayapura.

Pilot in command (PIC) on the plane reported the incident to the authorities at Sentani airport, Jayapura.

Di said the pilot reported the incident to the police for the Airport Supervision Unit (KP3U) and Aviation Safety (Avsec).

Furthermore, the passengers who took the action were then picked up on the plane by aviation security and KP3U.