As of July 31, 2020, Himbara KUR IDR distributed 154.4 trillion to 2.6 million in debt

Big Business – The Ministry of State-owned enterprises confirmed that the Realization of the distribution of the People’s Business Credit (KUR) from the Association of State-Owned Banks or Himbara as of July 31, 2020 had reached IDR 154.4 trillion for 2.6 million debtors. This amount has only reached 81 percent of the KUR distribution target of around 190 trillion.

“Himbara, which implements the National Economic Recovery Program, has assembled and implemented an appropriate mechanism that includes interest rate subsidies,” said Deputy Minister of Banking and Finance BUMN M. Khoerur Roziqin during an online discussion on SOE Coffee on Wednesday 26. August 2020.

He explained that this was in accordance with the Minister of Coordination for Regulation no. 6/2020, even the extra KUR interest subsidy had actually been determined

Khoerur explained the details of the KUR realization of each Himbara member. Based on the largest BRI, which reached Rp107.19 trillion for 2.38 million customers. Then followed by Bank Mandiri, registered as having distributed KUR when Rp. 32.62 trillion, for its 109,000 customers.

Furthermore, BNI’s realization of KUR was also registered for having reached Rp. 14.4 trillion for 117,000 customers. Then BTN is known for having distributed KUR up to Rp140 billion, to 201,000 of the customers.

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