Bina Marga assesses the need for policies that support the preservation of the budget

BigBussiness – Director General (Dirjen) of Bina Marga, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), said Hedy Rahadian, conservation of roads and bridges has not provided good service, although in Law (UU) conservation is a priority in road management. He considered that there is a need for policies that are more pro-budgetary conservation and budget policies that are pro-maintenance.

He stated this in the Consultative Meeting (RDP) regarding input regarding the preparation of the amendment to Act No. 38 of 2004 regarding roads in Jakarta, together with Commission V of the Indonesian Parliament, Wednesday (26/8/2020).

“We must continue to encourage innovation in the implementation of the implementation, including through cooperation between the government and business units (PPP),” he said.

Director General (Dirjen) of Bina Marga, Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR), Hedy Rahadian. (Doc: PUPR)

According to him, there are currently still disturbances in the road functions, namely high road obstacles, congestion and uncontrolled access to arterial or collector roads. Hedy feels the need for consistent law enforcement.

According to him, to answer the problem of the still high travel time in Indonesia, this is due to the friction on high sides, damaged road conditions and congestion, so it is necessary to be encouraged to rely on highways as the backbone of road traffic.

As a follow-up to the results from the RDP on input related to the preparation of the amendment proposal on the Road Act, Hedy stated that he would wait for related strategic issues to be presented by the DPR, because this was an initiative from the DPR.

“We want to see what the problems are in the inventory, we want to see if the regulatory aspect needs to be strengthened or the implementation aspect. We need to look more closely together between DPR Commission V and our legal team,” Hedy explained to reporters after joining RDP.

Accompanying Hedy in RDP, Secretary of the Directorate-General for Motorways, Abram Elsajaya Barus, Director of Technical Development, Deded Permadi Sjamsudin, Director of Road and Bridge Conservation Region I, Akhmad Cahyadi, Director of Region II Road and Bridge Conservation, Thomas Setiabudi Aden, Director of road development, Herry Vaza, Director of Internal Compliance, Subaiha Kipli and Director of Bridge Construction, Yudha Handita Pandjiriawan.

Prior to the RDP with the Director General of Motorways, Commission V for the DPR had an RDP with a similar agenda as the Director-General for Financial Balance and the Director-General for Budget in the Ministry of Finance and Deputy for Facilities and Infrastructure in Bappenas.

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