BISI distributes Rp 114 billion in dividends to investors

BigBussiness – NPT BISI International Tbk’s general meeting for shareholders (AGMS) decided to distribute a dividend of NOK 114 billion or 37.15 per cent of the profit in 2019.

“AGMS decided to distribute a cash dividend of Rp. 38 per share or 37.15 percent of the current year’s profit,” said Deputy Commissioner Ong Mei Sian at AGMS, Tuesday (25/8/2020).

He said that the dividend could be attributed to the owners of the parent company for the financial year 2019, which was paid for 3 billion shares or a total of 114 billion kroner.

At AGMS, the company’s shareholders have also approved the accounts for 2019.

In this connection, this seed issuer registered an income of 2.72 trillion pounds with a net profit of NOK 306.82 billion in 2019.

Meanwhile, the issuer with the ticker code BISI was registered at 2.31 trillion rp, an increase of 0.4 percent from 2.309 trillion the year before.

Meanwhile, the company’s liabilities were registered at IDR 624.47 billion, an increase of 37.14 percent compared to 2018 which was booked at IDR 455.08 billion.

In addition, AGMS also decided to authorize the board of commissioners for the company to appoint an accounting firm that will provide auditing services for the company’s annual accounts for the financial year 2020.

AGMS has also approved the composition of the members of the board members and board for the term of office up to AGMS for the financial year 2023, as follows:

  1. Presidential Commissioner: Tjiu Thomas Effendy
  2. Vice Presidential Commissioner: Ong Mei Sian
  3. Independent Commissioner: Burhan Hidayat
  4. President and CEO: Jemmy Eka Putra
  5. Director: Agus Saputra Wijaya
  6. Director: Putu Darsana
  7. Director: Joseph Suprijanto
  8. Director: Triono Hardyanto
  9. Director: Arief Tonny Kusuma

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