FWD Life provides customers with convenience and introduces e-services

BigBussiness – To make it easier for customers to determine their insurance activities, PT FWD Life Indonesia (FWD Life) introduced a new breakthrough, namely the eServices feature in the FWD Max application.

President of FWD Life, Anantharaman Sridharan said, FDW Life’s vision is to change the way people perceive insurance. This has inspired FWD Life to make insurance more relevant and accessible to all. A customer-focused approach encourages them to continue to innovate to meet their needs.

“We bring a new approach to the industry that is synonymous with the traditional way, and see it through the customers’ perspective. Our vision is to change the way people think about insurance, and this has inspired us to make insurance more relevant and accessible to everyone. This customer-focused approach is what encourages us to continue to innovate to meet their needs, “he said at the launch of eServices on the FWD Max application, practically in Jakarta, Friday (16/10/2020).

On the same occasion, marketing director at FWD Life, Maika Randini added, the eService function is expected to be able to open access for more people to insurance products. With this service, customers of all ages will be facilitated in any insurance activity.

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“We want to change the perspective of the general public about insurance. If they previously thought that having insurance was complicated, customers with this feature will be more free to perform insurance activities they want, such as filling out forms or making claims through technology, ” he said.

“Technology continues to evolve and the insurance industry must be able to keep up with developments in order to offer new technology solutions so that they can better serve customers. Through a customer-focused approach, we see not only the digital lifestyle of the millennia, but also of the previous generation. so that they can become more technologically competent, “Maika added again.

With the availability of eService, customers can do all their insurance needs themselves, namely:
• My profile, to update customer data
• My guidelines, to access customer policy data in real time
• My requirement, to submit a claim without having to submit physical documents1
• My payment to make premium payments
• My investment, to monitor real-time customer investment
• My request, 11 additional functions, including transfer of investment value, change of allocation of investment premium, partial withdrawal of investment value, activation of insurance, regular refill, single refill, premium leave, printing of health card, insurance pressure, change of insured data, and change payment method.

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