Gojek protects MSME partners from socio-technical fraud

BigBussiness – As a form of Gojek’s concern to ensure that GoFood partners are protected against fraud based on social technology, Gojek provides consistent training to improve the digital security competencies of its MSME partners.

Gojek’s efforts are made with awareness of the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business data and personal information in digital transactions.

Head of Merchant Platform Business Gojek Novi Tandjung said that his party has facilitated MSME partners under GoFood to increase its digital security expertise by adding various security features to the GoBiz application, which has become a mainstay for GoFood partners to run the business .

Among the security features that can be accessed through the GoBiz application are confirmation of PIN validation for drivers taking orders, function setting of user roles for owner, manager and cashier access, and a verification function as owner to confirm ownership of data as expiration owner.

With these features, sensitive data information and access to premium features are only available to electrical outlet owners.

“All Gojek innovation work and consistent training on digital security expertise for business partners is expected to support partners in protecting the security of personal data and business data. All this is done so that business partners can run their business safely and continue to grow,” Novi said in a statement. , Friday (28/8/2020).

According to Novi, Gojek realizes the importance of offering this education continuously after more and more MSMEs have explored digital technology to develop their businesses during a pandemic.

Gojek noted that around 120,000 MSMEs are pushing their business network into the digital realm by joining the #MelajuBersamaGojek program so that they can access comprehensive (upstream to downstream) and inclusive business solutions from Gojek.

In addition, the importance of maintaining the confidentiality of business data and personal data is a topic that GoFood regularly encourages culinary MSME partners through various channels, GoBiz applications, social media and the GoFood Partner Community (KOMPAG).

Therefore, good digital security expertise is the key to protecting oneself when faced with false attempts at social technology (or what we often know as psychological manipulation) which is becoming a trend for digital fraud mode.

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