KSPI is preparing 4 follow-up measures to reject the law on job creation

Big Business – The president of the Confederation of Indonesian Workers’ Unions (KSPI) Said Iqbal stressed that he would not be involved in discussing the derived rules of Job Creation Law. This attitude is in line with the labor union’s obligation, which until now has rejected the omnibus law on Cipta Kerja, especially the labor cluster.

He conveyed that the workers’ action against the omnibus law in the future would be bigger and more bumpy. “Workers reject the omnibus law in Job Creation Law. Thus, it is impossible for workers to accept the derived regulations. Furthermore, they are involved in discussing it,” Iqbal said in a written statement on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

If the government catches up again to make its derived rules, Said Iqbal, there are allegations that unions are only used as stamps or legitimacy.

Said Iqbal said the workers felt betrayed by the House of Representatives. This is because DPR had promised that workers would be involved in the processing of the regulations. But in the end, he felt that the board was chasing deposits.

“Although we have submitted a counter-draft to the career proposal, many of the inputs we have provided have not been met,” he said. He said that DPR’s claim that 80 percent of working life proposals had already been passed in the law on job creation was false.

In the future, there are four steps that workers will take to reject the law on job creation. First, it will prepare follow-up actions in a measured and constitutional way, both in the regions and nationally.

Secondly, to prepare for the Constitutional Court for a formal and judicial review. Thirdly, we ask for a legislative review to the DPR and an executive review to the government. Fourth, carry out socialization or campaigning on the content and reasons for the rejection of the Cipta Kerja omnibus law, especially the workers’ cluster of workers.

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