Kujang fertilizer ensures safe subsidized fertilizer supply

TEMPO.CO, Karawang – PT Pupuk Kujang, a subsidiary of PT Pupuk Indonesia (Persero), ensures that the supply of subsidized fertilizer is safe to meet the needs of farmers in Karawang, West Java, in the second planting season this year.

“We are engaged in distributing subsidized fertilizer according to the allocation set by the government, plus reserves in each warehouse in the area of ​​responsibility of Pupuk Kujang,” said Communications Manager for Kujang Fertilizer Company, Fitria Ratu Pagih in Karawang, West Java, on Wednesday, August 26, 2020. .

He conveyed that so far the stock of subsidized urea fertilizer in storage line III in Karawang has reached 1,691 tonnes or 127 per cent of the agricultural service offer of 1,335 tonnes.

Meanwhile, the realization of the distribution of the Karawang area for urea reached 38,225 tonnes or 110 per cent of the regulations of the Agricultural Office of 34,631 tonnes.

“For the availability of subsidized urea fertilizer stock in the Karawang area, we are currently supplying sufficient stock at the warehouse for line III, Karawang,” he said.

In addition to urea fertilizer, Pupuk Kujang provides stocks of other subsidized fertilizers in storage line III, the Karawang area, 378 tonnes of NPK Phonska fertilizer stock and 21,040 tonnes of fertilizer distribution, or 103 percent of the provisions.

Then Petroganik fertilizer stock is available as much as 626 tons, and the distribution of fertilizer is 5,514 tons or 97 percent of the deposits.

According to him, Pupuk Kujang ensures that the marketing network in each area of ​​corporate responsibility carries out inspections so that there is a right to targets and fertilizer quotas are only for farmer groups according to the definitive group needs distribution plan (RDKK) which is entered into the system based on NIK through e – RDKK.

The importance of personal data as a farmers’ group in the e-RDKK becomes a reference for the government when it comes to deciding on the allocation of subsidies to farmers in each region, so that the target recipients of subsidized fertilizer will be entitled to the target according to their needs.

“We hope that all farmers in our area of ​​responsibility are registered in the e-RDKK, for those who are not registered in the e-RDKK, Pupuk Kujang will continue to offer non-subsidized fertilizer to farmers, including non-subsidized urea products, namely Nitrea, not -subsidized NPK products, namely NPK 30- 6-8 and non-subsidized organic, namely Excow, “he said.

For stocks of subsidized urea fertilizer in West Java, Banten and parts of Central Java from 24 August 2020, as much as 123,151 tonnes or 1,186 per cent of the regulations of the Agricultural Office of 10,387 tonnes.


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