Luhut Pandjaitan: Do not continue to be afraid of Covid-19

TEMPO.CO, JakartaMaritime Affairs and Investment Coordination Minister Luhut Pandjaitan said the Covid-19 pandemic would prompt Indonesia to innovate and reform in various ways.

By doing this, the country could get out of the page block situation so that it could be stronger and more competitive. “We must not continue to be afraid of Covid-19,” Luhut said at a video conference on Sunday, August 30, 2020.

He also said that this world has changed a lot with the pandemic. It is very likely that many things that were not previously done will be implemented. “We must make innovations and reforms here and there, and make this beloved republic even more effective.”

This transformation, Luhut said, requires solidarity for the cooperation of different parties. “We can’t do anything without teamwork,” he said. According to him, teamwork is important to be able to take advantage of Covid-19 as an opportunity, not just a challenge. He said that the possibilities due to the existence of Covid-19 were very many. For example, reforming and digitizing different things in life.

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