Ministry of Manpower develops human resources, launches a work program for work training center

BigBussiness – The Ministry of Manpower (Kemnaker) has again launched a Community Training Center (BLK) assistance program for workers / unions (SP / SB), in an attempt to continue the commitment to develop the skills of Indonesia’s human resources (HR).

The launch of Community BLK was marked by the signing of a collective agreement (PKB) to receive assistance in building a workshop building and vocational training equipment with 5 SP / SB institutions receiving support in the Tridharma Room of the Ministry of Manpower, Jakarta, Thursday (27/8/2020).

“Today is part of the continuation of the Phase II provision of 300 community BLKs, while 600 more institutions will be determined later,” said Minister of Manpower (Menaker), Ida Fauziyah, accompanied by the Ministry of Labor, Director General of Binalattas, Bambang Satrio Lelono.

Ida explained that in the 2020 phase I of the community’s BLK construction, 100 BLKs had been determined, and in the second phase of the development process, 300 BLKs had been determined.

He added that the BLK development program for Community has been running since 2017-2019. To date, his party has built 1113 community BLKs.

For 2020, the Ministry of Manpower originally aimed to build 2,000 BLK communities, but due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the development budget for community BLKs was refocused. Following adjustments to the program and budget, the Ministry of Crew aims to establish 1,000 BLK communities spread across Indonesia by 2020.

He said the BLK Establishment Program was President Joko Widodo’s breakthrough in improving the skills of Indonesian human resources, complementing existing soft skills and character training with more skills or hard skills in religious or community institutions.

According to him, the distribution of Community BLK is actually focused on religious communities. From now on, however, the Ministry of Crews has expanded the scope of this program through the role of the SP / SB society to improve the skills of workers and to improve the welfare of workers and their families.

“Through this union’s role, it is to be hoped that it will be able to improve the skills of workers and their families, which in turn can reduce unemployment,” he said.

Through the program for the establishment of community BLK in 2020, the Minister of Labor said that institutions that receive community BLK assistance, would receive financial assistance for the construction of a workshop building unit; and assistance with vocational training equipment for a vocationally oriented person.

The same was said by Plt. Director of Lemlat Kemnaker, Heru Budoyo. According to him, the synergy between the government and the unions through the development of community BLK is expected to be the backbone of producing workers.

“The purpose of this collaboration is to provide technical production skills or professional competence according to the labor market’s needs for society and the environment in work or entrepreneurship,” he said.

The 5 SP / SB recipients of assistance in the Community BLK program are the Panasonic Gobel Workers Union Federation with a vocational cooling technique; Trade, Finance, Banking and Insurance Trade Union Federation with a professional in Informatics Engineering; Federation of Indonesian Workers Struggle Union; Association for archipelago associations with language churches; The National Labor Consultative Assembly of the Confederation of All-Indonesian Democratic Trade Unions; and the Central Board of the All-Indonesia Democratic Union of Professional Informatics.

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