Pertamina Moses Rp. 11 T, Erick Thohir Ensures that directors and commissioners are not replaced

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – State-owned enterprises (BUMN) Minister Erick Thohir emphasized that there is no plan to replace the directors or commissioners of PT Pertamina (Persero), even though the company had a loss of around 11 trillion in the first half of 2020. In fact, he assessed Pertamina’s performance to be better than other oil and gas companies in the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Pertamina has a visible disadvantage if we compare it with Exxon and Eni (Eni SpA, Italian multinational oil and gas company), far away. In fact, the other companies have far more losses than Pertamina, “said Erick Thohir, after holding a consultation meeting (RDP) with Commission VI of the DPR, in the parliament building, Jakarta, on Thursday 27 August 2020.

He then said that all this time it was a principle that the company’s board did not need to be overhauled as long as the performance was good. “In principle, I do not change the board. That’s right, I told you at the beginning KPI (Key Performance Indicators) was obtained, and it was said that Mr. Erick chose to play only with fire, no. “

Erick said that the replacement of board members and commissioners was only carried out if the KPIs in a number of state-owned companies were below the specified standards. In this regard, he said, Pertamina’s performance was quite good. Where the company, in the case of Covid-19, can still maintain the availability of oil in the country.

Furthermore, Erick explained, Pertamina continues to become more efficient in various sectors. He gave an example, Trans Pacific Petrochemical Indotama (TPPI) which is aimed at consolidating in a short time of Pertamina. According to Erick, that company is not yet perfect yet.

Therefore, his party will continue to allow time for Pertamina to maximize its financial performance. “Pertamina is still in the process of building both oil refineries and different types. Because the Covid-19 condition is also new, everything is affected,” he said.

Earlier, the management of Pertaminina registered that their financial results during the first semester of 2020 suffered a loss of IDR 11.13 trillion. VP of Corporate Communications for Pertamina, Fajriyah Usman, explained that Pertamina during the first semester of 2020 faces a challenge tripled in shock.

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