Residents get double help, Erick Thohir: As long as Nawaitu is not corrupt, it’s okay

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The CEO of the Covid-19 recovery group and the Minister for BUMN, Erick Thohir, do not question whether there are people who are less able to receive state aid more than once or twice. He stressed that the most important thing is that officials who distribute aid have no intention of engaging in corruption.

According to Erick, this does not mean that the government is naive. However, direct government assistance to people in need, both poor families and micro-enterprises, can be provided twice.

“I guess just as long nawaitunya no corruption, give someone who is short twice it’s okay. The important thing is that we do not play for the pockets, so it’s okay to be hit twice. But we want to protect the data, “Erick said at the Jakarta Parliament building on Thursday, August 27, 2020.

However, this does not mean that assistance no more than once has no other risks. It may be that development assistance has given other communities in need not even a share. Therefore, the government continues to improve this computer issue.

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