The former finance minister during the SBY era called BLT more useful than Jokowi’s pre-employment card

BigBussiness – Former Minister of Finance in the time of President SBY, Chatib Basri, considered that social assistance (bansos) in the form of direct cash assistance (BLT) is more beneficial than the program for employment cards initiated by President Jokowi.

Chatib argued that in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic or Covid-19 where community activities were limited, assistance in the form of BLT was more sensible than the pre-Employment Card training program.

“If I see that the most effective is the social assistance program / BLT, the challenge is actually in the data, but if it can be solved, it can be perfect or not,” Chatib said in a webinar, Tuesday (13/10/2020).

He then compared it to the Pre-Work Card program, which he considered less effective in providing stimulus assistance to people affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

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“The pre-employment card has been heavily criticized because the online program is useless, I understand that,” he said.

He said that many of the participants before the employment card were forced to participate in training programs, even though the program was not very useful for the participants.

“But he will continue to participate to get money from the pre-employment card, while his training is ignored,” he said.

So said Chatib, the Pre-Work Card program could be used as a parameter for what the community actually needed in the midst of this pandemic was direct assistance or cash.

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