The government admits that it is unable to open jobs without a law on job creation

BigBussiness – Minister of Coordination (Menko) for the economy Airlangga Hartarto admitted that the government had difficulty opening a job as wide as possible without the Omnibus Act on the Job Creation Act.

Airlangga stated that the law on job creation was designed to answer the problem of job creation. The data recorded that there were around 6.9 million unemployed and 3.5 million workers affected by the Covid-19 pandemic (2.1 million were laid off and 1.4 million were laid off).

In addition, every year 2.92 million people of new working age (young people) enter the labor market.

“So the need for new jobs is very urgent,” Airlangga said at a virtual press conference on Monday (12.10.2020).

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He also stated that the World Sweep Law is not only for workers, but is also designed so that small and medium-sized businesses can more easily handle permits.

“In the past, it was expensive to manage three to four permits. With the law on job creation, business actors only need to register. By registering, you have received permission so that you can take care of the bank and others, he said.

Then a free halal certificate is given to it start-up early moves in the food industry. In addition, a cooperative with at least nine people can be established.

“The meeting activities can be done online. So that all facilities are provided for small and medium-sized businesses so that they have employment opportunities,” he said.

As for halal certificates, it is still based on the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI), but the Halal Examination Agency (LPH) is opened as far as possible, including for state universities and private universities (Islamic foundations). Community organizations (worms) may also be involved, but all standards and fatwa hearings are by MUI.

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