The government is preparing incentives for players in renewable energy

BigBussiness – The government is currently preparing a presidential ordinance related to new renewable energy and energy savings.

In Perpres, business players in the EBTKE industrial sector will receive incentives and compensation.

Director of Energy Conservation at the Ministry of Energy and Human Resources, Hariyanto, said incentives and compensation are being given to industrial companies fossil fuel wants to switch to new and renewable energy.

However, Hariyanto did not specify the incentives and compensation that would be provided.

“What will be an important point in, among others, Perpres, is the price to be considered, to attract investors to the new sector for renewable energy. In addition, it will also regulate the quota set by the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources, the goal is to achieve the goal of 23 percent energy mix by 2045, “said Hariyanto when he was a panelist at the webinar Sustainable Action for the Future Economoy in the” Transition Toward Sustainable Energy “collection held by Katadata on Wednesday, (26/8/2020).

And what is no less important are incentives and compensation. For example, incentives for the construction of geothermal power plants and power plants. Incentives are expected to reduce geothermal prices so that they are competitive.

The chairman of the Association of Indonesian Private Electric Producers, Arthur Simatupang, said that EBTKE Perpres is believed to be able to attract investors to enter the new and renewable energy sector.

“Currently, a number of business players have begun to be interested in switching to EBTKE, first because there are regulations and costs have continued to fall over the past five years,” says Arthur.

PT PLN (Persero) Mega Project Director M. Ikhsan Asaad said that PLN has also begun to make an energy transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy.

One of them is implementing a dedication program with 2600 Diesel Power Plants (PLTD).

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