This is why the Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang Toll Road Project is delayed

Big Business – Technical general manager for NPT Jakarta Customs Road Development Djadjat Sudradjat said that the delay in completing the toll road project Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang has pushed inflation to around five percent of the original price. The project, which started in February 2017 and is aimed at completion in 2019, costs an investment of Rp 20.7 trillion.

“With the postponement of this schedule, there is indeed an increase in prices, but it is calculated,” Djadjat said at the toll road project in section 1A of the Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang route, East Jakarta, on Thursday, October 15, 2020.

The construction of the Phase 1 toll road, which is 31.1 kilometers long, consists of Section A, which covers 9.3 kilometers of the Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang. Section B of the Semanan-Grogol route is 9.5 kilometers long. Section C of the Grogol-Kelapa Gading Route is 12.4 kilometers long.

It is estimated that toll work in the town of Kelapa Gading-Pulo Gebang route has only reached 70 percent. This lost completion target is scheduled to be completed by mid-2021.

One of the inhibiting factors for the construction of toll road projects is land acquisition in the development area. “We can see, the challenge is land acquisition,” said Endra Saleh Atmawidjaja, head of the Public Communications Bureau of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing (PUPR). “We can see the left and right sides of the building.”

Another problem is the Covid-19 pandemic. According to Endra, projects that must involve a hundred people must be reduced to 50 workers. This, he said, aims to reduce the amount. “This is the challenge because of the tolls elevated (high) in the middle of a crowded city, “he said.

Construction of toll roads in the city of Jakarta is said to have adopted an elevated road construction that is integrated with public transport Bus Rapid Transit (BRT). Road construction is expected to help solve the congestion in Jakarta.

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