This West Java company exports $ 1.34 billion worth of coffee to Australia

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Director General of National Export Development at the Ministry of Trade, Kazan, said that the Ministry of Trade fully supports the development of coffee exports to the international market, especially coffee from West Java. Kazan conveyed this when he represented the Minister of Trade who released the export of 16.65 tons of Java Preanger Jlasio Arabica coffee worth 1.34 billion IDR according to CV. Deliver Agrolestari to Australia in Bandung, West Java.

“The moment of releasing the export of value-added products is at the same time a concrete form for the authorities and business people to continue striving to maintain a balanced trade balance. It is hoped that business players will continue to innovate and exploit market opportunities at home and abroad,” said Kasan. in a written statement on Sunday, October 11, 2020.

He said the Department of Commerce appreciated the resume. Frinsa Agrolestari who continues to support and promote the welfare of coffee farmers in West Java. Apart from the Australian market, in 2020 CV. Frinsa Agrolestari also received an export contract for 5 containers to the USA, 2 containers to Belgium and 1 container to Russia.

“I had the opportunity to visit CV. Frinsa Agrolestari’s processing plant in Pangalengan on August 29, 2020 and try the best specialties from West Java with coffee flavor and other Indonesian coffee. It is not impossible for CV. Frinsa Agrolestari expands market access,” he said.

The release of coffee exports was led by the Governor of West Java, Ridwan Kamil, and was attended by a number of related officials.

The Director of Export Product Development (PPE) at the Ministry of Trade, Olvy Andrianita, added that in order to expand the Indonesian export market, the Ministry of Trade is committed to facilitating exporters through trade representatives in various countries, including Australia. “The Department of Commerce will continue to support business players to increase exports,” Olvy said.

He hopes that good synergy will continue to exist to get through the difficult times of this pandemic and improve
exports to move the wheels of Indonesia’s economy and trade.

Meanwhile, West Java Governor Ridwan Kamil stated that Indonesian coffee, especially the Arabica type from West Java, is in high demand in the international market because it has a distinctive taste. “The export of coffee to Australia as much as 16.65 kg worth Rp 1.34 billion can be used as a stimulus for the revival of West Java business actors to restore the people’s economy,” said Ridwan Kamil.

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