Tony Fernandes Reveals Reasons to Change AirAsia Slogan to “For Everyone”

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta AirAsia Group’s CEO Tony Fernandes has changed the slogan of the low-cost airline “Now everyone can fly” to “For everyone”. Not only that, the company logo was also changed to lowercase “a” so that the old identity was identical to the airline.

Tony Fernandes explained that the company’s new identity shows that it is a super ASEAN app, which completes AirAsia’s transformation from a digital airline to a comprehensive lifestyle platform for everyone.

AirAsia has always been about people (to all). We democratized aviation 19 years ago and allowed millions of people to travel, explore, “said Tony, quoted in a press release on Monday, October 12, 2020.

Tony Fernande’s continued, AirAsia has always been proud to be a leader in connecting the ASEAN region, offering value, simplicity and inclusion for all. “Now with we enable everyone to not only fly, stay, but shop, eat, all in the comfort of a superapp,” he said.

The Super Asean application marks a new era for the AirAsia Group, offering more than 15 types of products and services under three main pillars, namely travel, e-commerce, and fintech. Tony has also not spoiled the crisis that arose during the pandemic, and has used the lockout period to delimit the platform, unify the user experience and simplify our payments to payments with one click.

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