Trending Business: The closure of IKEA in Sentul to Pertamina loses less

TEMPO.CO, JakartaThe most popular financial and business news through Saturday, August 29, 2020, based on the concerns of creditors who are potential residents of Antasari Apartment 45, is the temporary closure of IKEA Alam Sutera and Pertamina’s loss claims less than other oil and gas companies.

In addition, there is also news that Jasa Marga is closing the Jakarta – Cikampek toll road and the withdrawal of the substantive lawsuit over the Covid law. The five topics attracted the most attention among readers of Bisnis’ channel. Here are five trending news in their entirety:

The Association of Victims of Antasari 45 smells of cheating

The creditors who are potential residents of the Antasari 45 apartment are currently feeling anxious and confused. How could they not, the apartment unit they actually received in 2017, has not yet been implemented. Even if they have fulfilled the obligation to deposit a down payment of 30 percent, creditors must accept the fact that the physical building that has been implemented so far is only a parking space (basement).

Just a note, since it was launched in 2014, as far as 591 billion rupiah of buyer money has been paid to the developer.

In the middle of the process of waiting for six years, the apartment unit was not achieved, but the harsh reality in the PKPU report (deferral of debt payment) against PT Prospek Duta Sukses (PDS) as developer or developer with a total claim of Rp 2 billion from the reporter on behalf of Eko Aji Saputra.

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