Trending Ekbis: 8 RCTI facts about the material in the Broadcasting Act to Erick Thohir’s problem

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – News about financial and business trends through Friday 28. August 2020, with eight facts from RCTI’s legal review of the Broadcasting Act to BUMN Minister Erick Thohir who does not hesitate to replace BUMN directors who accept bribes.

There is also news about Inner City Ring Toll Road Manager supporting DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan wanting to give motorway access cyclist and Erick Thohir said it had calculated the cost of the Covid-19 vaccine.

1. 8 facts about RCTI’s Broadcasting Act lawsuits, threatening Youtube and IG Live?

Act number 32 from 2002 on broadcasting is now receiving public attention following a judicial review of two television stations under the MNC Group, RCTI and iNewsTV. If the Constitutional Court (MK) approves a judicial review of the Broadcasting Act, internet-based live broadcasts on Instagram (IG Live) and Youtube are said to be threatened.

Tempo summarizes the facts behind this lawsuit or legal assessment, including the following:

Beginning of trials
This lawsuit has actually been filed by RCTI and iNewsTV since two months ago, with case number 39 / PUU-XVIII / 2020. The inauguration meeting was held on 22 June 2020. Not all the provisions of this law were challenged, but only Article 1 no. 2 alone.

The regulations read: “Broadcasting is an activity for broadcasting broadcasting by means of broadcasting and / or transmission on land, at sea or in space by using a radio frequency spectrum with air, cable and / or other media to be received simultaneously and simultaneously by the public. with a transceiver. “

Reasons for the lawsuit
RCTI and iNews TV filed a lawsuit because they believed that the Internet-based broadcasting arrangement in this article was ambiguous and caused legal uncertainty. Thus, they requested that broadcasting service providers via the Internet should be regulated in the Broadcasting Act.

In addition, the statements of the two applicants at the inauguration meeting on 22 June 2020 were also published on the official website of the Constitutional Court. During the hearing, the petitioners argued that the provisions of this article had a constitutional weakening for them due to their existence different treatment.

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